CSR Policy

WUS is committed to continually promote and enhance practices and management in labor, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and ethics.

1.Concerning about Employees and Sustainable Development
Focusing on the interests of our employees, we continue to improve the working environment and enhance the welfare of our employees, and continuously improve our management performance in labor, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and business ethics.

2.Compliance and Commitment.
We comply with national laws and regulations, and commit to implementing labor, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and business ethics and other requirements, and abide by our commitments to related parties.

3.Green Production and Pollution Prevention
We implement resource conservation, use clean energy and raw materials, reduce pollution at source, utilize environmental protection tools in a timely manner, maintain the ecological environment, reduce the burden on the environment, and build an environmentally friendly enterprise.

4.Risk Control and Disaster Prevention
We establish accident control mechanisms to minimize damage, focus on disaster prevention, and build a safe and harmonious enterprise.

5.Elimination of Discrimination and Respect for Human Rights
There is no child labor, no corporal punishment, no abuse and no coercive treatment of employees. Respect for the beliefs of employees, elimination of discrimination, and equality in recruitment, hiring, training, and development opportunities.

6.Openness and Transparency, Benefits for Society
Internally, employees are encouraged to communicate directly with management or participate in communication; externally, information is disclosed, company policies are communicated and publicized through the company’s website, etc., and relevant partners of the company work together to promote the improvement of corporate social responsibility management.