February 5, 2021, Environmental Information Disclosure Form of Key Pollutant Discharge Units in Suzhou--Wus Printed Circuit(kunshan)CO.,LTD.

        The company recently discovered published articles in individual media, public accounts, websites, etc., reporting that the company will invest 500 million US dollars to buildWus Printed Circuit(kunshan)CO.,LTD into a world-class printed circuit board (PCB) factory. Its products will cover all PCB type. The above report is seriously inaccurate. The company now clarifies as follows:         The company's PCB products focus on the fields of corporate communications and automotive electronics applications, and do not cover all PCB types; the company conducts investment in an orderly manner based on its own development strategy and market demand, and has not made a separate investment decision of US$500 million.         For relevant media, official accounts, websites, etc., to publish, reprint and disseminate unverified, erroneous, and misleading reports that cause adverse effects or even losses to the company, the company reserves the right to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company through legal channels.         The company solemnly reminds our customers, suppliers, investors and other related parties that the company’s official website is http://www.wuscn.com; the company’s designated website for information disclosure is www.cninfo.com.cn http://www.cninfo.com.cn.
        When the company fulfills its information disclosure obligations in accordance with the provisions and requirements of relevant laws and regulations, the information published in the media designated by the company for information disclosure shall prevail, and the other information of the company shall be subject to the information published on the company's official website.
        hereby certified!

Wus Printed Circuit(kunshan)CO.,LTD

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