Glorious History


2021 Kunshan High Tech Zone Love Enterprise

2019~2021Civilized Units in Jiangsu Province

Leading enterprise for high-quality industrial development in Huangshi

Top Ten Foreign Trade Export Enterprises in Huangshi

Top Ten Import & Export Enterprises in Huangshi

2021 Top Ten Scale Effect Enterprises in Kunshan High tech Zone

2021 Top Ten Manufacturing Taxpaying Enterprises in Kunshan High tech Zone


Awarded first integrity demonstration enterprise in Huangshi

The fourth batch of hidden champion cultivation enterprises in the segmented fields of pillar industries in Hubei Province

Advanced Collective with New Leaps in High Quality Development in 2020 in Hubei

2020 Excellent Taxpaying Enterprise in Kunshan High-tech Zone

2020 Top 10 R&D investment enterprises in Kunshan

2015-2020 Advanced Enterprise for Innovation, Transformation and High-Quality Development

2021Hubei May 1st Labor Certificate

2021Hubei Health Enterprise

Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province

2020 Top 100 enterprises in China's electronic circuit industry

2021 Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Huangshi

Passed “Kunshan City Innovation and entrepreneurship Leading Talents” project

Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise Association

Honorary Vice President of Huangshi Import and Export Enterprise Association

The second batch of green factories in Jiangsu Province


2019 Kunshan City Leading Enterprise in Scale Efficiency

The 11th Investor Relations of Chinese Listed Companies Tianma Award

Supplier with outstanding performance in response to climate change

2019 China Top 100 Enterprises in the Electronic Circuit Industry

2019 Suzhou Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise

Suzhou Quality Award

Kunshan Intelligent Technology Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise

Kunshan High-tech Zone Outstanding Contributions to the 10th Anniversary of the National Approval

Suzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise

Suzhou Environmental Protection Demonstration Enterprise and Institution

Outstanding Contribution Award for the 30th Anniversary of KunShan&Tai Wan Integrated Development

China Green Enterprise Management Award


Excellent Taxpayer and Excellent Foreign-owned Enterprise in Kunshan High-tech Zone in 2018

2018 Corporate Impact Award for Addressing Climate Change

WUS KEPZ passed the certification of intellectual property management system

The Tenth China Listed Company Investor Relations Tianma Award

2018 Jiangsu Province Energy Audit Demonstration Unit

2019 Kunshan City Industrial Stable Growth Outstanding Contribution Award

2017-2018 Kunshan City Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise

Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

2019 Demonstration smart workshops in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Suzhou Engineering Technology Research Center

Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Small Giant Enterprise (manufacturing)


The 4th "Excellent National Brand" Enterprise in China's Electronic Circuit Industry

Passed AEO advanced certification

Passed the "Safety Level Two Standardization" certification

2017 Outstanding collective performance in environmental protection work

2018 Jiangsu Province Demonstration Smart Workshop

Kushan Key Laboratory of High-end and High-Reliability Automobile Control Circuit Board Performance Enterprise

Hubei Province Rule of Law Construction Demonstration Enterprise

Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone Economic Development Contribution Award

2017 Advanced Enterprise in Safe Production in Kunshan Development Zone


Huangshi Contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprises

Safety Production Standardization Secondary Enterprise-Machinery Industry

Huangshi Civilized and Honest Private Enterprise

2016 Hubei Advanced Unit of Social Fire Fighting Work

Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center


Water-saving enterprise

Suzhou Headquarters Enterprise


Jiangsu Famous trademark


The third "national" brand enterprise in PCB industry

Jiangsu Key Enterprise R&D Institutions


Kunshan A-level labor security credit rating unit


Suzhou "Energy Efficiency Star"

Kunshan Science and Technology R&D Institution


Listed in the National Torch Program

National supervision and inspection product quality is stable and qualified well-known brands

The 2nd "Excellent National Brand" Enterprise in China's Electronic Circuit Industry

Advanced Group of Energy Conservation Work


Suzhou City 2008 Major Taxpayer


Applicable to AA management companies


Water-saving enterprises in Jiangsu Province


Jiangsu Foreign R&D Institutions


Jiangsu Export Enterprise of Foreign Investment Products


The first batch of "red list" enterprises in the country

Jiangsu Technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive enterprises


Foreign-invested advanced technology enterprises

Advanced enterprise with foreign trade exports exceeding 20 billion USD


High-tech enterprises


Large exporter of foreign-owned enterprises

Best Foreign Investment Enterprise